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Isabella Grogan-Cannella disappearance is a criminal matter

Where is this missing child?
Crime Scene Media;Used with permission

Bullhead City, Arizona: The search for eight-year-old Isabella Grogan-Cannella continues as her disappearance edges into day three. This Wednesday news report shares that the FBI has joined the search. That's not the only new development in this case, but the rest of the details indicate that this story will probably not have a happy ending. Detectives have confirmed that this investigation is a criminal matter -- meaning Bella was either snatched while her parents were either asleep or not paying attention, or something else happened to the little girl that isn't being revealed yet.

One disturbing detail in this case is the fact that there were no signs of a break-in or struggle in the home inhabited by the missing child. In similar cases, this type of clue indicates that someone acquainted with the family may be behind what happened to the missing child. In other cases, family members are behind the incidents. It should be noted that most crimes against children are committed by people who are either acquainted with the victim or who live with the victim. So the news of there being no signs of forced entry or struggle is never good news when it comes to looking for a missing child.

Click here to view this comprehensive timeline of Bella Grogan's disappearance. So far there have been no investigative details to add to the timeline, such as whether or not anyone in the home has been polygraphed or questioned. So it should be questioned whether or not these standard procedures have even taken place. The mother of the missing child addressed the case on social media today, and she seemed completely distraught about the disappearance of her little girl. Tania Grogan said the following:

"Isabella is my daughter....There [sic] still looking. Nothing has been found...My baby girl is very strong...No one can even begin to imagine how I'm feeling right now...Baby girl mommy loves you....And I will find you no matter what it takes I will find you an [sic] bring you home...."

Here's to hoping this case does have a positive ending -- but as day three looms near, it's hard to imagine where this child could be, or what may have happened to her.

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