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Is your WiFi making you sick?

It seems the more electromagnetic pollution we create from our use of cell phones, computers, microwaves, dimmer switches, high tension power lines or compact fluorescent light bulbs, the more we hear of people developing sensitivities to these products.

Sensitivities so severe as to interfere with life and health, so severe that lawsuits are filed to prevent neighbors, governments or schools from using Wifi. Think about that, you have a neighbor suing you for using your laptop and cell phone. Such a case exists in Santa Fe between Arthur Firstenberg and Raphaela Monribot.

There are conflicting schools of thought as to the possibility of electromagnetic pollution in the form of WiFi low level radio frequency energy emissions causing cancers, vertigo, diarrhea, nausea, headaches, body aches, ringing in the ears, insomnia, vision issues as well as other possible life threatening concerns.

You will find as many scientific reports supporting the possibility of electromagnetic allergies as are against it.

So, what do you believe?

If you have symptoms that can not be explained by medical testing, if you feel better in one location verses another, perhaps it’s time to look at what’s different in those locations where you feel better verses those locations where you experience those unexplained symptoms.

Here are just a few questions to ask when comparing locations:

  • Are there cell phone towers, satellite dishes or electrical power lines nearby?
  • Are the computers connected to the Internet by cable or WiFi?
  • Is the building built with metal studs?
  • How many electrical appliances are nearby?

There are many ways to test the electromagnetic fields as well. Devices that measure the levels of radio frequency emissions that you may be spending long periods of time in. There are also many ways to shield your body from these emissions. Some times they work and sometimes you need to move.

The reality is we pass through fields of electrical pollution every day. Some people are just more sensitive than others. One thing is certain, as a society we will continue to create live WiFi hot spots. Time will tell if there is a reason to be concerned. We will develop more sensitivities or not. Pay attention to how you feel and trust yourself if you believe there's an environmental impact to your health.



  • Denver Lighting Examiner 5 years ago

    Faith, my family members are sensitive enough to WiFi signals that there's a nightly unplug routine for the wireless router. It may seem over the top, but it's simple, free, and ensures a more sound night of sleep with less "weird" dreams than with the wireless on. Kudos for addressing it!

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