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Is your website in the hall of fame or the hall of shame?

Think about what you spend on advertising for your business. If you were putting a billboard along a busy highway, an ad in the newspaper, or a commercial on radio or TV, you would undoubtedly want it to not only look good, but have a powerful sales message. Unfortunately, many business websites in the Dayton area and around the world  look like an afterthought, and maybe they are.

The wrong reason to have a website is because you are '"supposed to". It seems that as long as there is a have a attached to your business, the "requirement" has been fulfilled. If that is the case, having a cheap template program, or your brother-in-law build a site for you, is perfectly acceptable. That assumes that no one is really going to visit your site, let alone buy anything.  Your online presence should be so much more. It can be a living, breathing extension of your brand. In fact, it should be.

A Website should be the place where you invite your current and prospective customers to interact with you. On page one, seriously consider a way for your customers to sign up for an e-mail newsletter. That way, you can continue to market to them. It is possible to use video of the merchandise you offer, video testimonials from happy customers, or even a welcome from you as the owner (if it was good enough for Col. Sanders and Dave Thomas to be the recognized face of their brand, why not you?). A free report visitors can order, helpful links and professionally written sales copy are all part of converting website traffic to sales.

Having a great website does mean investing in a professional designer and copywriter. Money is tight for everyone, but have you honestly looked at the results you are getting from your current advertising? Perhaps it is time to redirect some of it to developing a strong online presence. A future article will discuss getting your website found.


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