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Is your SUV or car a rolling bacteria carrier?


As with most moms, we use our SUV for more than getting from Point A to Point B. It’s our office, closet and sometimes dining room for our kids. But did you know it’s also a breeding ground for bacteria? We move about so much that we don’t have the time to clean it. Germs travel with us and everybody that travels in our cars.

A study taken in 2006 found that Mom’s vehicle - door handles, seats and floors - had millions of bacteria. They even found MRSA, staph bacteria that cause skin infections. But the areas with the most germs were the dashboard, change holders and cup holder where you keep your coffee.
My solution is the Mobile Car Wash Service. They come to you! They know how busy moms are so they come to you and clean your vehicles interior and exterior. You are able to multitask because while you are shopping, in a meeting, sleeping or even at your child’s game, Mobile Car Wash Service will be outside disinfecting every interior area, shampooing all the carpets and cloth areas, and cleaning and conditioning all leather and vinyl.
The experts at Mobile Car Wash Service provided these tips:
  • Deep cleaning is recommended at least twice a year.
  • Monthly maintenance will help keep the bacteria problems at bay.
  • Always keep disinfectant wipes and spray in your vehicle.
  • Wipe areas down at least once week.
If you’re ready for a clean vehicle now contact them at: or (301)-649-0564
Live Fully,
Mia Redrick
The Mom Strategist


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