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Is your social media marketing schedule effective?

The Effective Social Media Marketing Plan
The Effective Social Media Marketing Plan

What are your reasons for joining social media sites? The real motivation of any business to engage in social media is to connect with individuals, return customers and new clients. You can expand your exposure not only by client experience, but also by client testimonies and social interaction. With the help of the internet and social networks, you bring your business to where your clients are and develop a connection with them. However, making such connections will take great effort and huge amount of time.

A lot of businesses sign up on social media to create online presence but then all of a sudden their page becomes silent. No one answers any comments, questions or wall posts. Nobody updates and uploads any pictures. It’s as if the business has gone down. The page becomes dormant for months. And then, all of a sudden, someone replies to an old post, an album is uploaded and an update is posted. What just happened? Did the person responsible for the online interaction go on vacation for many months? Is the business running again? Customers who notice the change may think “what a waste of time. It will be gone again soon.” That is an example of a business that is not committed to the social media community and does not see the power of it.

Whatever your business is, if you have engaged in social media, you must be committed and consistent in updating your page and interact with all the people that connect with you. Make it a point to update and be present on your social media sites. Have a schedule to follow so that you will not forget to log into your account and interact with people. An example of a schedule for social media is twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. You can go online first thing in the morning, answering queries and posts, commenting on photos and updating the site for what will happen that day. Log in again in the afternoon and interact with those online and answer inquiries in a concise and respectful manner. Another cool way to do this is schedule weekly updates. You can also have a virtual assistant who is available all day to answer and comment on posts as well as update the site.

Having a schedule will help you to be updated in your social media sites, letting people know you value their posts as well as showing them you are connected. It also means that your business is going well with new and creative deals.