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Is your social media marketing on Twitter effective?

Is your social media marketing on Twitter effective?
Is your social media marketing on Twitter effective?
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Is Your Social Media Marketing on Twitter Effective?

Social media marketing on Twitter requires you to do much more than simply create an account and tweet on a weekly basis. Instead you must find a way to engage with and attract the attention of new and prospective followers.

In a recent blog post from the leading provider of mobile payments solutions to small businesses, PayAnywhere, several effective methods of social media marketing were discussed, including the suggestions shared below.

Tip #1 Create a Visually Appealing Profile

Your profile banner and photo must be both visually appealing, and representative of your brand or business. This will ensure that your followers recognize your image when they are perusing their feeds.

Tip #2 Make Your Name Easy To Remember

When possible, create a profile name and handle that has your business name and/or personal name included. If the name of your business is already taken, search for a similar name that will not be a far stretch for your customers to recall.

Tip #3 Tweet Conversation Starters

One of the most common mistakes businesses make when creating their social media posts is to post only sales pitches. However, sales pitches will not keep your Twitter feed on anyone’s radar. Instead post conversation starters that will increase engagement. This could be anything from asking thought provoking questions, sharing favorite quotes, providing relevant tips and tricks, and commenting on current events.

Tip #4 Respond To Interaction

When someone new follows you, thank them. When someone retweets a post, thank them. When someone comments on a Tweet, respond. When someone sends you a message, answer it in a timely manner. All of these habits will open the door for more two-way conversations.

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