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Is your smartphone safe?

Mobile Safety
Mobile Safety

You share all your life’s secrets with your smartphone—the device knows who your friends are and how you feel about others. It has photos of you and your loved ones. Whoever controls your phone then controls your virtual identity. But how safe is your phone, really? One in three users who have lost their smartphone or had it stolen have not increased their phone protection. Almost half don’t have a passcode or other access authentication method.

Mobile malware threats are up 163 percent since 2012—and more than 50,000 new threats have already been discovered. Over 21 million devices were infected in 2013 alone. The top delivery methods of mobile malware include app repackaging, malicious URLs and SMS phishing. Apps aren’t safe either. Over 15 million photos are shared every single day on Snapchat—and these photos are stored on their servers, which anyone could potentially gain access to.

To protect your phone, you should—at a bare minimum set up an access password. To learn more about smartphone and privacy, check out the full infographic by NQ Mobile.