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Is your resume in this pile?

Where is your resume?
Where is your resume?

Job seekers are always wondering about the status of their resume.  Did it get lost in the computer data base, make it through the applicant tracking system, or is it sitting on someone's desk?

In order to ensure that your resume gets to the right hiring authority ,there are some key things you should do.  First and foremost, is to have your resume prepared so it will highlight your qualifications, accomplishments and have the key words in the document.

Second, if at all possible try to get a contact name to direct your resume to and put this in your cover letter. This can be very challenging since so many companies have you complete an online application.  Do some research on your own so you can get a contact name.

What most job seekers are shy about is following up on the resume that they  sent.  Take an approach to make a phone call and speak with a member of the department.  Ask them if they received your resume.  You may be surprised that they request you to send it again.   In some instances, people can be helpful and walk it over to the right manager.  Don't wait for things to happen...make them happen.

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