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Is Your Relationship Healthy or On the Rocks?

A couple in love.
A couple in love.

Are you currently involved in a romantic relationship that you think is thriving? How can you be so sure that the person you’re with is “the one?”

All relationships operate differently, but research has shown that certain patterns tend to emerge in healthy, stable, successful partnerships.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the common signs that allow us to determine if our relationship is headed toward paradise, or potential destruction.


Have you noticed how friends or siblings can change once they’re in a relationship? Two people that have been dating for a while, tend to melt into one giant glob of a person.

A person may adopt new goals, witty new catch phrases, or develop new habits that you would have never thought possible.

According to, these signs are often referred to as self-other overlap ⎯ the process of integrating the partner into one’s self.

Self-other overlap is a sign of cognitive interdependence and predicts closeness, love and maintenance relationship behaviors ⎯ all characteristics of a successful relationship.


It can be said that people in healthy relationships tend to be more satisfied if their significant other lends their support toward the other person achieving their goals and dreams.

It can be a terrific feeling tackling a new challenge like training for a marathon or taking up painting or photography. Having someone there to support your new endeavors can be both a warm and nurturing feeling.


For relationships to really go the distance, an open line of communication is a necessity.

However, it’s not enough to just talk about your feelings to your partner, but engaging in what’s referred to as “emotional self-disclosure” ⎯ the communication of thoughts and ideas with another person ⎯ is one of the key factors in sustaining a fruitful companionship.


Physical touch can take many forms, but engaging in affectionate touch outside of sexual intimacy tends to be overlooked.

For couples to thrive, partaking in frequent acts of non-sexual affection ⎯ hugging, kissing on the face, kissing on the lips, massage, or cuddling ⎯ can boost intimacy levels in a relationship, and leave the couple feeling closer and more satisfied.


Relationships can be complex, and at times ⎯ frustrating. But the couples that take the time to communicate their feelings, while expressing affection toward the other person, will see their relationship grow to a whole new height.

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