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Is your pie recipe worth $5,000? Let the National Pie Championships be the Judge

Competition is fierce!
Competition is fierce!

Bakers of all kinds gather to see who has the best pie recipe in the greatest and sweetest showdown in all of North America: The American Pie Council’s National Pie Championships. And the best part is they meet here in central Florida.

Amateur, professional, and commercial pie experts gather their pans and rolling pins every spring to see who can create the most delicious and inventive pie the world has ever seen. Wielding citrus, strawberries, chocolate and sometimes jalapeno they battle leaving the sweet construction of creative designs and desirable aromas to provoke the senses just moments before that fateful first bite. The monumental clash for 2014 falls on the weekend of April 25-27 at the Caribe Royale in Orlando and promises to be the most decadent battle yet. Do you have what it takes to compete?

If you’re not sure how your pie holds up against the experts check out American Pie Council's photo gallery of last year’s winning pies, with their corresponding recipes, and see for yourself. Amateur, professional, and commercial entries are judged separately so you don’t have to worry about battling the big boys but you could see where they stand. Membership to the APC is not required to participate but a lifetime amateur membership runs a mere $45 and gets you tips, tricks, and recipes from their quarterly newsletter and website as well as discounts to all their sweet events, so get your winning entry in before it’s too late. BTW, too late is defined as midnight, March 28th to be exact.

Not into the competition but want to eat pie? Well maybe the Great American Pie Festival is right for you. Just minutes away in Celebration, Florida enjoy pie related activities and a pie buffet sponsored by the APC on the 26th and 27th of April.

Either way, contenders and consumers alike can celebrate a delicious slice of life this spring and hopefully you or someone you know could walk away with $5k!