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The energy-efficient home of the future

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The subject of energy efficient homes is one that is becoming ever more prevalent. Our homes are already light years ahead of where they were even just a few years ago, but what’s next? Here are some possibilities of how energy-efficient homes of the future might look.

No more putting the bins out

That’s because there won’t be any. According to predictions by environmental services company Veolia, houses of the future will be completely bin-less. Instead, little nanoscopic robots will deal with everything, ‘eating’ waste once it had been sorted into its different types. Packaging will be made of modified food so that it degrades by the time the product reaches its use-by-date.

Intelligent heating systems

Heating will eventually be something you don’t have to worry about (apart from the cost, probably). Intelligent heating systems will automatically detect whether your house is too hot or cold depending on how many people are at home and adjust the heating accordingly. They may even be able to monitor weather forecasts and plan in advance.
A new way of heating is on the horizon thanks to the clever people at the University of Maryland who have developed heat-transport fluids that contain heat-absorbing nano-particles under the roof that then transports waste heat to a heat exchanger so that nothing is wasted.

Electricity-generating trainers

This article, entitled ‘In 2030 Your Home Will Be Watching You’, says that one day we’ll be our very own energy generators thanks to our trainers. Our footwear will be able to convert movement into electricity, whilst other parts of the shoes will also generate electricity from hot feet and even mud splashes. There will also be a solar panel attached to harvest energy from the Sun. We’ll then plug our shoes in when we get back and transfer the energy to our home.

Your very own algae store

Using waste products emitted at home, such as carbon dioxide, you will have your very own store of micro-algae which will produce bio fuel. This bio fuel will then generate energy for your home. This energy will produce carbon dioxide and the whole process starts all over again.

You’ll be cleaner than ever

When you take a bath, you’ll use a minimal amount of water and you certainly won’t be using soap. Instead, your bath will use ultrasonic vibrations to remove dirt, a much more natural way of getting clean. Your taps will also be super clever. They will be equipped with sensors that scan your hands to assess how dirty they are and the water won’t stop running until your hands are totally clean. Not only will this ensure your hands are clean, but it will mean you don’t use any more water than is absolutely necessary.