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Is your password listed here?

Passwords and the ability of hackers to capture your identity through weak passwords, should leave us all concerned about how secure our passwords are after Splash Data released the list of the most common passwords for 2013, according to a Jan. 21 report in FoxNews. It seems like every day we hear news about how easy it is to steal passwords. Just today, it was revealed that hackers stole 16 million passwords in a malware attack in Germany, according to a report in the BBC (Jan. 21).

Password theft

While companies work diligently to plug holes in their security systems to protect our passwords, those holes usually aren't discovered until passwords are stolen. Fortunately, Starbucks recently fixed a flaw in the Starbucks app that left customer passwords vulnerable. But, usually a more likely outcome is a theft like the one at Abobe, where 150 million passwords were stolen.

Guessing your password

But many times, hackers don't need to know your password to break into your accounts. All a hacker needs is your email address and then he can simply guess your password. This is because most people choose the simplest passwords. For instance, the year before last the most popular password was “password”.

Is your password here?

Splash Data, a password security firm, each year posts a list of the most common stolen passwords and they published this list for 2013. Last year the password “123456” was the most popular password, pushing most popular password for 2012, “password”, to second place.

According to PC World (reprinting data from Splash Data), the most popular passwords, in order are:

  1. 123456

  2. password

  3. 12345678

  4. qwerty

  5. abc123

  6. 123456789

  7. 111111

  8. 1234567

  9. iloveyou

  10. adobe123

  11. 123123

  12. admin

  13. 1234567890

  14. letmein

  15. photoshop

  16. 1234

  17. monkey

  18. shadow

  19. sunshine

  20. 12345

  21. password1

  22. princess

  23. azerty

  24. trustno1

  25. 000000

Is your password here? If it is, you should change your password immediately.

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