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Is your outer beauty complimenting your inner good looks?

Do simple things today to be healthier tomorrow. This is the message of the 'Body Book - 24 Hours to a Better Body,' penned by former model and a successful American actress, Cameron Diaz. It shares experiences from the actor’s own personal life as well as insights shared with her by others.

Understand Your Body Better

The book seeks to address the confusion that most women have about their body and shows why comparing your body with other women can be a ‘brutal assault upon oneself'. It sends a message to your mind that what you are isn’t good enough and that can be highly damaging for your self-respect. According to the actress, who has been known for her fascination and commitment toward fitness, the book is about understanding your body on a cellular level.

The book also reveals how important it is to keep your digestive system hydrated, which Cameron does by drinking lots of water, the first thing in the morning. It drives away the problem of constipation and keeps you healthy from inside.

Beauty Issues That Affect Women Today

While inner beauty is a good thing to have, women must also focus on keeping their body look great from outside as well. As we age, the good looks of our body get diminished due to various physical and psychological reasons.

Exposure to the sun’s UV rays steals our skin of the vital hydrating factors that give it a fresh, youthful look. Similarly, stretch marks affect various parts of our body, when skin gets unduly stretched during exercise, pregnancy, and bodybuilding or during adolescence. Such issues must be tackled immediately, so that your outer beauty remains intact while you address your inner beauty issues simultaneously.

Products like Celtrixa stretch mark lotion has helped many women overcome the beauty-marring look caused by striae. It is a topical application that's painless, affordable, and can be used on all types of skin.