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Is your mindset helping or hurting your job search?


Julio Blanco - Life Coach

More and more often, people are asking me about the mental and emotional side of managing their job search. Especially if it's taking a long time, you may start to doubt yourself or your abilities, or suffer through periods of depression.

This week I talk with Julio Blanco (click here to listen to go to the audio on my site), owner of "Envision Lifeworks," a coaching firm dedicated to helping people experience and enjoy what they love in life. Julio once coached me, and in 40 minutes produced a profound change in my approach to a particularly difficult problem I was facing.

He is articulate, compassionate and very insightful - all things a good coach should be.

Our topic is specifically about "mindset" and how it can hold you back from reaching your goals. There was so much ground covered that I broke this 45 minute interview into two sections.

In part 1 this week we talk about abundance vs. scarcity - two mindsets that can dictate what happens in your life (click here to go to the audio).

* What are abundance and scarcity mindsets?
* Why do you want one instead of the other?
* How did you develop the mindset you have?
* Is your mindset rooted in your physical circumstances?
* Why is scarcity self-perpetuating?
* Can you learn an abundance mindset?
* How to be kind to yourself on the journey from one to the other?

Hope you enjoy it - next week you can hear Part 2 of this interview!

If you'd like to see more about Julio's work, you can visit his web site at