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Is your mind standing in the way of a perfect body?

Words of Love
Words of Love

Is your mind -- are your words -- standing in your way toward achieving the perfect body you are longing for? Have you ever really thought about this question? Remember, where the mind goes, the body follows. Where is your mind leading your body?

Everything starts in the mind. When most people look in the mirror and look at their body, they start thinking about all of the things they don’t like about what they’re seeing. And when most people eat food that their minds tell them isn’t good for them, their mind start abusing them for eating so poorly. They may start thinking, “You just blew it, so what is the purpose of sticking with it now? I’m fat and I’ll never lose this weight. I hate my body. If I eat this, it will just go to my hips.....” and the inner chatter goes on and on. What are we then creating? When our focus is on dieting; how fat we are; how much we hate our bodies; how much we need to lose weight; and/or how much we want and long for that perfect body -- then we are actually creating a body that is out of shape.

Thoughts and words are some of the most powerful tools you can use to turn your life around and create the body you desire. Most of us are not aware of just how powerful our thoughts and words can be. Positive and life-affirming thoughts and words can create a wonderful life; negative and destructive thoughts and words can destroy our lives. A critical mindset and self-abusing words will never shape the body you desire. Only a positive mindset and words that encourage and lift your spirit can.

Have you ever heard someone talk about “white” magic versus “black” magic? Well, in a sense that we create our own energy and our consequences, this “magic” is happening every day in and around ourselves and everyone around us -- crafted by the power of our words and thoughts. We practice white, or positive, magic when we speak loving, kind, and inspiring words. We practice black, or negative, magic when we speak hateful, critical, demeaning, and fearful words. What words are you speaking about your body, your life, and yourself? Know that these words have power, and know that it is up to you to decide what kind of power you give them.

If you want to create a beautiful, healthy body, then think and speak words that will inspire your body and yourself.
Don’t waste your time with thoughts or words that will hold you back from achieving the body you want. Instead of, “I hate my body. I am fat. My body is getting old. I will never see my Abs," say, “I love my body. I have a youthful slim body. I can see my Abs. I have a healthy, beautiful body.”

Stop the black magic of self-abuse and start practicing the white magic of love. Use thoughts and words that will inspire you and keep you true to your goal of life transformation. Remember, it all begins in the mind.