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Is Your Marriage Puzzling You?

Marriage can sometimes seem like a puzzle. You have all the pieces to make a wonderful and happy life, but you may be unsure of how to put them together to create that life.

The pieces of a puzzle will not go together easily if they're in the wrong place, and even if you could force them together, they wouldn't create the desired picture when finished.

That is how it is with marriage. It is important to put the pieces of your life and relationship in the right places to create the beautiful marriage and life together that you are trying to create.

Making priorities is essential. It is important to make your spouse and your relationship top priority. You need to spend quality time together alone without children, family, or others. Of course you will need time to spend as a family with your kids if you have them as well, but that family time can't substitute for the closeness of alone time.

Some couples may not know what a healthy marriage looks like. In these cases it may help if they can read marriage help books, go to a marriage conference, or even go see a marriage coach or counsellor.

These things can act as the picture you see on the box of the puzzle. It would be much harder to put all the pieces together if you didn't know what it was supposed to look like when it was finished. But the picture gives you a guide to help you put the pieces in place.

Marriage can also be like those metal puzzles where you have to take a part of it off, etc. Like the two bent nails you have to separate, or the connected horseshoes that you have to take the metal ring off of. These puzzles usually seem nearly impossible to figure out. But if you read the instructions, or someone shows you, or you figure it out on your own, it becomes much easier.

To the couple dealing with issues in their marriage, it may seem that they are going through something that is impossible to deal with, and that their relationship is just not working. But when they get tools, and learn how to communicate in a more effective way, etc. then they just might realize that the problem or issue wasn't as hard to figure out as they first thought.

Speaking of puzzles, puzzles can be a wonderful way to spend time together, if both individuals are into it. You can pick out a puzzle you both like, and work on it together, maybe even with some coffee, or other drink, and some romantic music. You can even save the puzzle with some puzzle glue, and hang it on a wall.

Marriage does take work and participation from both individuals, but it is so rewarding when you have a happy, healthy marriage. So keep working on putting the pieces of your married life together. And make sure that you don't get so focused on all the little pieces that you lose sight of the big picture, a happy and healthy marriage!

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