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Is your little corner of the galaxy ready for the Guardians of the Galaxy?

Guardians of the Galaxy in theaters Aug. 1 2014.
Guardians of the Galaxy in theaters Aug. 1 2014.
Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Is your family out to beat the heat this weekend and enjoy a good movie? Or maybe like many of us you are simply a Marvel fan who has waiting impatiently for the long anticipated release date of Guardians of the Galaxy. Either way, this could be a busy weekend for both the Guardians in the movie and the guardians over kids.

Guardian of the Galaxy is the story of Peter Quill, who was alien-napped after the passing of his mother. We find him many years later as a "junker" though many would disagree and call him a thief. He definitely has some not so friendly friends, who actually wanted to eat him the first time they saw him. Being an enterprising young man he decides to keep the orb he has been task to steal and sell it to the highest bidder. Unfortunately that means he got the attention of Ronin, who is not only out to get the orb and destroy much of the universe but it also means he gets sent to jail for his crimes.

Unlikely prison mates Groot, Gamora, Drax, and Rocket concoct a scheme which gets them out of jail, but not free. They take to the skies with both the law and the lawless after them. A failed attempt to sell the orb gives them the information they need about it, but also brings the evil villain to their location.

Will Star Lord (aka Peter Quill) save the universe with his unlikely guardians of the galaxy? What price will they pay to save the worlds? And what lessons with this ladies man. thief and charmer learn along the way? What will he learn about his past, that will directly affect his future?

Is your little corner of the galaxy ready for Guardians of the Galaxy? It is rated PG 13, and there are some intense scenes of battle, sci-fi action and violence as well as language. A few jokes may be over your child's head, but you may pick up on them - only to hear a little voice chime in "Why was that so funny mommy?" One thing you will most likely take home is a whole "lotta" love for Groot and want to plant one of your own.

Cast and voice talents contain: Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Michael Rooker, John C. Reilly, and Glenn Close.

"I am Groot." Are you? You will have to go see the movie to find out.

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