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Is your life journey worth the effort?

Is your life worth it?

There are some individuals that are overwhelmed by the circumstances in their life.

If individuals are married and have children they are also responsible for maintaining their marriage and being a parent as well.

As individuals go through life, each new day is another day filled with the possibility of another challenge to bare. As one moves from one day to the next at some point the things that were considered a challenge become a distant memory because something new has taken its place. Before you know it minutes, hours, days, months and then years have come and gone.

For some individuals moving beyond each challenge in life becomes harder and harder. Some stay stuck in the challenges of yesteryear never moving forward to face the present. For these individuals being stuck in their past is a way of life.

In order for one to grow one must embrace the journey of their life, meaning learn how to accept responsibility for decisions made, stop blaming others and become present in their lives.

How is this accomplished?

In order to be present in ones life one must ask for forgiveness, forgiving self and then forgive others. This is a true challenge for some. This is a necessary challenge for most. Once the weight is lifted off ones shoulders the changes will begin to take place.

Being present in ones life will allow the freedom that is needed after the long weight one has carried around for years has been lifted.Once a person is present in their life this means they have not allowed their past to become the focus of their ability to press forward. This is a process and it will not occur over night but if you feel your journey is worth it you will be willing to make the effort.

Are you present in your life?

Or, do you need to release the past in order to move forward?

The choice is yours to make.

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