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Is your job to blame for your back pain?


Back Pain Facts:

  • 80% suffer from back pain at some point in their lives.
  • Back pain is the second most common reason for visits to the doctor's office, outnumbered only by upper-respiratory infections.
  • It is estimated that low back pain affects more than half of the adult population each year.
  • More than 10% of all people experience frequent bouts of low back pain. 
It’s very understandable that chronic back pain is a leading cause for missed workdays.
But what if your job is the culprit?
When you’re having severe, sometimes disabling back pains, with the way our society typically thinks, it’s natural to blame anything physical you could’ve done or regularly do to create such hurt. It’s very logical to deduce that chronic back pains occur on the job.
 You try to think about what you’ve done with a straight and simple explanation.
“I must’ve done it when I slipped.”
“I guess I just bent over wrong.”
A physical injury will usually heal in a few weeks. If it persists, it’s chronic, and without proper diagnosis the reason will remain elusive.
When the pain doesn’t go away, and maybe even intensifies for no apparent reason, you may begin to try to think of other explanations. Here are the two most common presumptions:
“I’m on my feet all day.”
“I sit behind a desk all day.”
These are two polar opposites! It makes no sense that two completely different physical tasks can create the same type of chronic pains in the same area!  
Realizing that your chronic back pain probably isn’t a result of anything physical, you need to take a broader, more whole position of what’s actually happening at your job to find the root cause of the pain.
You have four major areas of life that make up who you are:
  1. Physical
  2. Mental
  3. Spiritual
  4. Emotional
Using logical deduction you’ve already eliminated the physical. Continuing with logic, examine the other three areas and how they apply to your job.
  • Mental – you know how to do your job.  
  • Spiritual – this is a private part of your life and does not interfere with your job.
  • Emotional – dictates how we react from our daily interactions on the job.
Logically, which of these other three would you say is most likely to cause the chronic pains?
The reason for most chronic back pains used to be unknown. However, recent studies have proven the cause was just unseen.
Emotional stress is the most common culprit.
Since we work to advance our finances, let’s use money as an example of how the 4 aspects apply.
  1. If you are swimming in money – that’s physical
  2. If you are praying about money – that’s spiritual
  3. If you are calculating your money – that’s mental.
  4. If you are worried about money – that’s emotional.
Now think about your job. What taps into your emotions negatively? What is worrisome or bothersome? Is it a co-worker? Boss? Task? Responsibility?
Remember you have the ability to control how things impact your life.
Identifying your triggers and learning how to deal with them will put you far around the curve in recovering from the chronic pains they’ve caused.
Once you have identified a person, thought or action as an emotional trigger you need to decide if this trigger can be eliminated from your job. In most cases they can’t. So you must learn how to prepare yourself before and / or after you engage with them in order to keep the stress away.
Paying attention to your self is the first step. Many people get so caught up in success they lose focus of who they really are and that there’s more to life than a career.
The 5 No Matter Whats are designed to do just that.
These 5 NMWs are practical and easy to fit into anyone’s lifestyle. They cost no more money than you already spend. All it takes is a few minutes a few times a day to pay attention to yourself and apply them. They are choices only you can apply. They are designed to bring balance to the 4 aspects of life.
How do emotional triggers cause a physical pain?
Emotional fatigue causes physical blockages of your natural energy flow. It’s very important that you remove the disruptions and get your channels operating properly again in order to eliminate the chronic pains that have already developed.
Acupuncture, Chiropractics, and Massage Therapy are instrumental and the most effective personal care measures you can take.
EXHILATRATE internal and external solutions not only supplement what we lack, but actually promote our bodies natural healing abilities by detoxifying our systems and removing distruptions that cause stress. They're not yet available and will not be sold in stores. Get future articles coming soon about EXHILARATE- subscribe! 
In some cases the job itself is overburdened with negative emotional triggers, in which case you need to carefully evaluate your position and consider a career change. There’s no job on the planet worth compromising your health.
Life is too precious to live in grief.
But only you can decide to make things right.
Dealing with stress is a part of life.
Stress can weaken or strengthen you- but only you can decide which it will do.

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