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Is your job one of the best or worst?

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article which summarizes the results of a newly released study on the best and worst jobs.   The criteria used to determine the rankings were environment, income, employment outlook, physical demands and stress.  Those jobs falling in the "best" category included actuary, software engineer, biologist and historian.  Some of the "worst" jobs included dairy farmer, lumberjack and firefighter.

There is no arguing that a job in a toxic work environment offering income that is under market value for the skills involved would be perceived as pretty awful by anyone's standards.   But, the other factors could be more related to one's view.  For instance, someone who loves working outdoors in a job that demands sudden jolts of adrenaline in order to save or dramatically improve the lives of others would never think that being an actuary is "best".  Likewise, if high income, little physical demand and working with numbers are critical factors to happiness, choosing a career as an firefighter is unlikely.

View and attitude have profound impacts on what makes one's chosen career path one that you live to do or do to live.  For even a day, can you consider your chosen avocation to be one of the best jobs?  If not, which of the five criteria above need to change and what can you do to manifest that change?


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