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Is your garden decor tacky or tasteful?

Does this gnome make your garden tacky or whimsical?
Does this gnome make your garden tacky or whimsical?
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Everyone has one of those neighbors with the plastic flowers and statuary overload. Maybe they even have flocks of pink flamingos grazing among pinwheels. You're not that neighbor, are you? I hope not. Of course, even if your yard isn't obviously tacky, you can go a bit overboard. It's fun buying pretty decor for your garden. I do it myself. So, how do you know if your garden is tacky or tasteful? Does it even matter to you?

If not, be as tacky as you please.

After all, it's your space, you should do as you like in it. In other words, if tacky is your thing, go for it. Make the Virgin Mary a shrine from an old bathtub. Hang up every wind chime you've ever owned. Add bird feeders, bird baths and bat houses galore. The wildlife will thank you. Nix the plastic flowers though. They may add toxins to your garden.

Are you truly concerned that your garden might be a bit gaudy?

Decrease or eliminate:


Too much of a good thing can make your garden stand out. Unfortunately, it's not always in a good way. Maybe you have an awesome gazing ball collection. That's great. Rather than putting them all on display at once, try rotating them. Display 1 or 2 at a time, instead of the whole collection. This keeps your garden interesting, while keeping it classy.

Crazy colors

It's OK to have a bright pop of color here and there. Gardens are supposed to be colorful. Still,if you’re concerned you may have gone overboard, removing a few whimsical items can tone things down some. Remember, garden blooms provide plenty of color. Focus your energy on their natural garden color, rather than tacky do-dads.

Increase or add:

Natural accents

Replacing whimsy with natural accents and tasteful decor is a great way to class up your garden. Start by using natural materials for borders, fencing and more. Choose earth tones for items like bird houses, fountains and other accents.

Bonus tip: Mimic nature with garden lines too. People make straight lines. Nature has curves.

Living things

Looking to make a tasteful but colorful impression with your garden? Let nature color it with green growth and scattered floral displays. Remember, even ripening veggies add color to the garden. Consider the texture and shape of greenery too. Have some vines, some bushes and some creepers for natural variety.

Are you worried your garden might be too tasteful?

Does it feel too boring or orderly? Would you like it to be classy but friendly and inviting? You can jazz it up a little with small, colorful touches. Avoid cramming all those touches into one spot. Scatter them throughout the garden. This way, the garden becomes the focus, with little dashes of personality to keep it homey.

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