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Is your favorite restaurant chowder from Cape Cod or Chelsea, MA?

According to some internal food sources, who make soup by the kettle, your favorite restaurant soup might just be on the delivery route from Chelsea. Sure they use fresh ingredients from the produce market right off the truck and assemble it by hard working local “chefs” for a dime on a dollar, but is that chowder made in Cape Cod, or was that Chelsea, MA? Come again?

It certainly does take time and some trusty knowledgable hands to make a finer broth so restaurants like the no mess no hassle option. It’s good old fashion business sense to mix the best of the best. Outsourcing combined with a little brand packaging for good measure and we’ll all pretend about the rest. The secret ingredient and the internal mess that never gets resolved. I''m not talking about chicken bones. I call that good old fashion home cooking.

I guess you’ll have to investigate yourselves but ask around and together let’s wonder aloud why Kettle Cuisine’s numbers are boiling up to 70MM dollars a year as they strive forward to the 125-150MM mark under new ownership. They even have gluten free option which is nice. They fill a niche market and business thrives.

They are looking to expand production facilities in the area or they might move out around the route 495 belt for a bit of cheaper real estate. They only do soup at the moment, which is a minor company weakness, so why not try out a tomato beverage, condiments and/or sauces? Why not make those truck ripe tomatoes sizzle into some spicy dancing salsa?

Prepared especially for you….Ken Kansky of

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