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Is your family too busy?

Balancing a busy family schedule can be hectic, but remember to schedule in down-time for everyone.
Balancing a busy family schedule can be hectic, but remember to schedule in down-time for everyone.
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Often families complain about not having enough time to get things done at home, to rest, to visit friends or other things that they would like to do. In today's hectic world, it seems that our schedules become filled with unnecessary meetings, To-Do lists, family commitments and other busy tasks. While it is good to be involved as a family in your community and your children's lives, sometimes it gets to be too much and can actually hinder the quality of time you spend with your family in the end.

Many parents find that they need to keep their children busy in order to stay out of trouble and keep them active and healthy. While this may be the case occasionally, it can be too much for a child to be enrolled in many activities where they have absolutely no down-time to relax and not worry about heading out to the next practice or class. Try to remember to keep some spare time slotted for 'ME' time for everyone in the family. Having time to de-stress is important for individuals of any age.

Children need to be able to entertain themselves on their own, without being constantly stimulated by an organized recreational activity or extra-curricular class. It is your job as a parent to prepare your child for the real world as they grow into adults. By setting an example of juggling recreational activities and yet making time for yourself (and them), you show them it is important to just take a moment for yourself. Self-care is essential for a balanced lifestyle and in turn will give your children the confidence they need to know when time alone is important and needed.

If you find that you and your children are exhausted at the end of the day with no time to really enjoy each others' company, it may be necessary for you to cut back on some outside commitments. Try to prioritize what is important for you and your children and shrink down your busy schedule to make it more beneficial for everyone involved. In the end, your family will thank you for it.