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Is your desk a black hole?

Odds are this isn't your workstation
Odds are this isn't your workstation
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

How do you avoid going down the black hole? Do you often have a sinking feeling like you can never catch up on your workload? To get over that bogged down guilty feeling you need to make some organizational changes.

If you have a messy desk but it tends to work for you perhaps you need to start by setting a day each week, going through things and tossing those you no longer need. For most its an issue of time management. Everyone is different but professional organizers like those in NAPO say to bring order you may need to prioritize down to A, B and C.

Another starting point is to put everything that’s on your plate down on paper. Besides maintaining a calendar developing constructive work habits like allowing time at the end of the day to clean up and organize for tomorrow, prioritizing emails, using filters etc.

Categorizing tasks and activities into the letter groups will alleviate stress; all too often we allow unimportant tasks to take over our time. Don’t let interruptions rule the day, use the “DND” button on your phone and learn to say no, when and if you can to additional duties. It may help your mind-set by completing a task.

Once you cut out some of the clutter and unimportant material you will begin to find some of the time you’ve lost. Making the choices that give you more time will also giving yourself more incentives to stay organized.