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Is your daycare really providing preschool?

Is your child receiving a quality preschool education?
Is your child receiving a quality preschool education?
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I was reading a forum where a mother was questioning whether or not her child was receiving a preschool education at her daycare. She wanted to know if there is a difference between preschool programs that only operate for a limited amount of time (for instance, three hours) from an extended daycare program that also offers preschool.

She had made the assumption that her child would be receiving the same quality preschool education at a daycare than a formal preschool program. That is not an assumption any parent should make. Although many daycares claim to provide a preschool program, it does not always measure up to the same high quality standards as a formal preschool program.

Really, the only way to know if your child is receiving a quality preschool education is to do two things. First, talk to your child’s director or supervisor about the specific curriculum used and what types of activities your child will be doing. You can always call up a formal preschool center and compare notes. Second, make a surprise visit to your child’s daycare. This allows you the opportunity to see firsthand what your child is really doing and learning about.

There are many daycares in Milwaukee that offer quality preschool programs. Shop around and ask lots of questions!