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Is your child's brain balanced? Chiropractic Neurologist's program helps kids

Dr. Robert Melilo is a Chiropractic Neurolgist and the founder of Brain Balance Achievement Centers
Dr. Robert Melilo is a Chiropractic Neurolgist and the founder of Brain Balance Achievement Centers

Dr. Robert Melillo is a lecturer, author, educator, researcher and clinician in the areas of neurology, rehabilitation, neuropsychology and neurobehavioral disorders in children. He is known internationally and is an expert in nutrition. He has over 20 years of clinical experience.

Dr. Melilo's professional expertise and professional drive to find a cure for neurobehavioral disorders started 15 years ago after witnessing life-altering changes that happened within a child he had worked with. From then on, he has devoted himself to the study of learning disabilities and behavioral disorders in children. In 2003, Dr. Mellilo founded the Brain Balance Program in to help children with neuro-behavioral deficits improve their academic, social and behavioral functions.

Dr. Melillo has been an adjunct professor of functional neuroanatomy for the graduate doctoral neuropsychology program at Touro College, NY and Leeds Metropolitan University, England since 2006. He is also an associate professor of clinical neurology and childhood behavioral disorders at The Carrick Institute, in Florida. Former chairman of the American Board of Chiropractic Neurology, he is a board certified Chiropractic Neurologist.

Brain Balance Achievement Centers offer the Brain Balance Program in 55 locations throughout the United States. The Brain Balance Program helps children with neurobehavioral and learning difficulties with their unique challenges. A non-medical program, it has been successful in helping thousands of kids who suffer with ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Tourette’s Syndrome, Asperger’s Syndromeand Autism Spectrum Disorders, reach their physical, social/behavioral health and academic potential.

The program is brain-based and not drug based. It subscribes to the theory that the brain can be changed—something once thought impossible. That means that neurobehavioral problems aren’t permanent, and the situation isn’t hopeless.

To gain a full understanding of these childrens' difficulties, all areas of their brain and body function are assessed comprehensively. By integrating physical and cognitive exercises with dietary change, the underlying imbalance is corrected, function is improved and negative behviors are reduced/eliminated. The program is tailored to each invidual child’s needs.

Once the uniqueness and severity of the child’s challenges is understood, physical and cognitive activity plans and easy-to-follow dietary guidelines to establish proper connections and improve rhythm and timing are custom designed. Traditionally clinicians have viewed the disorders of ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s, Tourette’s, PDD-NOS, and Learning Disorders (i.e.Dyslexia) as separate entities. However, greater knowledge through recent advancements in evaluative capabilities along with diagnostic imaging that revealed striking similarities, these disorders are now considered points on a common spectrum of Neurobehavioral/Developmental Disorders.

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