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Is your Breast Pump covered by insurance?

We found a helpful tool for moms who have questions about the Affordable Care Act and how to get their insurance-covered pump. Medela launched a new breastpump navigator tool to help expecting moms and dads take advantage of the breastpump and lactation support coverage provided to them under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Many moms-to-be are not aware that they can get a breastpump covered by their insurance. Medela created a service that would allow consumers to easily find an insurance-covered breastpump, determine what is the right breastpump to meet mom's breastfeeding goals, find out which suppliers offer the ability to upgrade the breastpump package, and obtain educational information about breastfeeding and tips for engaging insurance companies and suppliers about the new benefit.

The supplier lookup is a new tool that asks consumers to simply select their insurance provider and their state in order to find the local and national suppliers that could provide them with an insurance-covered Medela breastpump. The results also note other services each supplier provides from lactation consulting to rental pumps to other breastfeeding accessories.

Please see below for a complete list of tools to help moms navigate breastfeeding coverage under the ACA:

Find an Insurance-Covered Pump: Moms simply enter their insurance carrier and state to find a list of suppliers and their contact information. The search results will also indicate which suppliers have lactation services. Medela's supplier lookup will continue to expand as more information is provided to them by suppliers.

Insurance Coverage Research - What It Means to You: A top line summary of what insurance companies told Medela about how moms can obtain the breastpump they need for their babies. (Check out this infographic for a quick visual of the results.) Examples tips:

• You don't have to go without. Most plans require you to get your pump from an in-network provider. However, 76% of plans surveyed are also flexible if the covered pump isn't available, letting you choose another pump or even reimbursing your purchase from a retail store. Just ask!

• You don't have to go it alone. Breastfeeding moms, rejoice! Nearly all plans cover lactation counseling without a co-pay. Pump coverage + lactation support = successful breastfeeding more accessible to more moms.

Coverage Questions You Should Ask Your Insurance Company: Scenarios moms may find themselves in and the questions they should ask their insurance providers

Here are a few other additional resources we think you may be interested in:

Breastfeeding University: Breastfeeding University is an online education program that walks moms through what to expect during pregnancy as their bodies change and develop, at the hospital, how to transition to home, and how to advocate for herself and her baby. Share this code with your network to allow free access to the program: DAYjS6TJ6

Understanding health care reform: Need help understanding more about health care marketplaces? This site provides an overview and answers to frequently asked questions on health care reform.

iBreastfeed: The iBreastfeed iPhone and iPad app supports provides helpful information and practical advice. It can help manage baby's daily activities and features a locator to find breastfeeding friendly places. iBreastfeed is free and can be downloaded on iTunes.

Video Library: Visit the online video library where moms can learn everything from how to easily put together a pump to how to enjoy the breastfeeding bond longer.

Ask the LC: Have a question about breastfeeding? Moms can consult one-on-one via email with a board-certified lactation consultant (LC) who will assist with breastfeeding questions.

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