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Is your bra line showing?

Does the outline of your bra show through your clothes?
Photo by Stefan Gosatti/Getty Images

Problem: panty line. Solution: thong.

Why do women buy into this? It never was a problem. It’s no secret that people wear underwear. Panty lines or edges rarely ruin the line of our clothes, even with satiny, slinky, smooth outfits. The textures of our fabrics and the cut of our styles usually hide any suggestion of undergarments. This is especially true in winter when females dress in wool, corduroy, or layers of knits. (Anyone who is constantly wearing head-to-toe skin-tight spandex may have problems bigger than panty line.)

However, if panty line could be a legitimate problem, what about an even bigger “problem” seen every day: bra line? Quite obviously outlined every day is a girlfriend’s back with bumps, straps, edges, fasteners, or seams from a bra. You don’t have to look far to find proof that women wear bras. Blouses, especially white or pastels, reveal many details of bras, but even sweaters can’t hide the evidence. If the top is especially sheer, simply wear a fancier, prettier, lacier bra. But those adjustable straps and those bulky fasteners in the back create definite lumps. Bra line.

Has anyone - male or female - commented on this fashion faux pas? Are there commercials suggesting a solution, or a bra advertisement promoting a smoother back silhouette? Manufacturers have created lovely soft, seamless cups for a smooth look under T-shirts or snug knits. Aren’t they so much nicer than the stiff, pointy styles of the fifties? But they have not succeeded in eliminating the bumpy bra line problem in the back. Is anyone at all worried about this predicament? Why is it only derrières that need to appear smooth?

One of the recent teen fads has been wearing black bras with straps that are meant to show, bras that are barely covered by tank tops. The skimpy tops are in any color but black. Attention is deliberately drawn to the underwear. Of course it is sexy. But at the same time, women are told that even hints of edges of panties aren’t considered sexy! Ladies are supposed to buy products with no obvious edges.

An offensive fad making its rounds is young ladies slinging their jeans or shorts below the waistband of their thongs. Ever wonder what the hookers are wearing now that the preteens are taking all their favorite looks?

Remember when women wore a garter belt with stockings? Talk about bulky fasteners! Imagine what lumps those would create under slim slacks or skirts. Men might find it quite sexy, rather than offensive. Anything peek-a-boo seems to rate a second look from a man.

And forget about guys - and girls - wearing plaid boxers that deliberately show above their jeans! They can get away with that while ladies are supposed to camouflage all evidence of panties? What’s wrong with this picture?

So, Ladies, next time you’re twirling in front of the mirror, don’t fret about panty line. That is, until the bra line problem is solved!

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