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Is your boyfriend over thet top jealous?

Everything that you wanted for this relationship has come to pass but you are still uneasy. There is no question you like this person but things are moving a little too fast for your taste. You tell your dating partner this but they tell you that's the way love is. It can move so fast that before you know it the two of you are walking down the aisle.

Wait a minute. Let's not go there. You like the other person a lot but talking about marriage is the last thing on your radar screen. You tell them this but they don't seem to quite get it. Do you press the issue? The answer is no because in many ways you are having as good a time as they are.

But you are still uneasy. From what you observed your partner exhibits a certain tenseness whenever they see you talking to someone; anyone, even if that person is in their social circle. They may not say anything directly but you sense something is not right.

It could be you are dating someone who has some issues when it comes to jealousy. It doesn't always manifest itself right away where they become an obsessive control freak with a raging temper but there are always signs:

1. Over The Top Communication

They call you on the phone in the morning only to tell you they hope you have a great day. Fine. Then a couple of hours later (if that) they call you on your cell. Just to let you know they are thinking about you. Then comes the e-mails, the text messages and probably another phone call or two. This is not a once in awhile occurrence; it is a daily routine.

2. Overly Emotional

When you tell them it is not necessary to communicate so much in one day; they apologize. They text message and apologize, email and apologize and call you multiple times to apologize. Now here comes the gift with a card attached. Now they can never do enough for you. A relationship that for you was based on good give and take has suddenly turned into a master-servant thing. It may only last a brief period of time but there's no doubt it is real.

3. The Abstract

A normal conversation unexpectedly takes on layers of meaning that you never intended. For instance you tell your dating partner about something funny that happened to one of your coworkers. Instead of zeroing in on the story you are relaying they focus on the co worker. The questions become intrusive and relentless. Every time you try to get them back on track, they return to the co worker and your "connection" to them. Is it happening on a regular basis?

Jealousy does not necessarily start with them monitoring your calls and whereabouts; although those things due eventually show up. If so you'd more than likely drop that person like a hot potato before things went any further. The key for a jealous dating partner is to keep under wraps as long as they can. After you have been lulled into a sense of security then the green eyed monster comes fully into view.

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