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Is your 8 year old learning?

Third graders
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The 3rd grade level is the stage where peer pressure rises its ugly head. This is the curial grade for aptitude development. Consequently, is your 3rd grader learning?
Social learning: In this grade, teachers focus on interactive behavior hence, your 8 year old will be given group assignments, and be taught negative and positive “consequences”. If you were to be a fly on the wall of a 3rd grade classroom you will hear teachers repeatedly tell students to be “more organized” or stress the use of “logic” in completing assignments. One teacher was known to ask her students, “Why did you do that? Does that make sense”?
Reading: This is the grade level that nurtures better readers. There is a high demand for extensive reading habits. Students are reading “chapter books” and are to write book reports on the subjects. In this grade, students are sometimes expected to give oral reports and have discourse on the material read. Sentence structure evolves to compound structure and classroom discussions. Writing skills such as cursive and clear penmanship are encouraged. Taking notes from the black board are part of the classroom routine.
Math: Multiplication is introduced and students are expected to memorize 1-12 time tables. Addition, subtraction and division problems are more sophisticated. Telling time is vital; at this grade, 8 year olds should be able to “tell time”.
Third graders are social beings. Making friends and friendships are very important to them. Hence, their metamorphosis from children who are focused on the family events to a fixation on friends and social events. They are also reward seekers and parents who are hip to this use rewards to motivate them.

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