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Is your 1st grader learning?

Learning, independent worker
Learning, independent worker
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If at any point in your conversation with yourself as a parent the questions arises, “Is my 1st grader learning?” There is cause for concern because elementary school students are always excited to share what they learn. If your child is not sharing then something is wrong. Meet with your child’s teacher and in doing so, below are some guidelines to move you along the teacher-parent conversation.

Homework: Educators are big on homework, there is no exception for any grade level student. Your first grader is expected to “do his homework”. If your child has yet to bring home school work assignments that should be a part of the parent-teacher conversation.

Listens: When your child was a toddler he rarely followed directions and you had to constantly redirect his activities. First graders by nature of the discipline and routine set up by teachers should be able to have longer attention span and follow direct instructions.

Independent work: First graders are weaned from “mommy’s bosom” in kindergarten and this is reinforced with their teacher daily. First grade teachers place a demand on their students that results in independent work throughout the semester year. Regularly, your first grader should be mentioning that he did some independent work in school. Veteran teachers are able to produce students who can read basic classroom charts, and instructions.

When in conference with your child’s teacher, try to address these issues and be prepared to make some changes. Sometimes, what your child does not know is directly dependent on your child.