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Is your kitchen making you sick?

Is you kitchen making you sick?
Is you kitchen making you sick?
Herb Swanson/Reuters

Have you been getting sick more than usual? Many people have been and the reason may be as near as your kitchen. As is being reported today, April 16, 2014 by Yahoo News, your kitchen may be the incubator for drug-resistant bacteria and the culprit is your cutting board!

Why is this a problem now as opposed to a decade or so ago? The simple answer is the fact your meat is now loaded with antibiotics (it is in the feed of all non-organic meat and poultry). Add to this fact most American's run for antibiotics whenever they feel an illness coming on and what happens is you become immune and in turn, you get sick more and in some instances, cannot be cured! So, you might be wondering, "where does the kitchen and cutting boards come into this picture?" According to the aforementioned article, "Cutting boards used to prepare raw poultry may be an important source of drug-resistant bacteria in hospital kitchens and private homes."

According to Dr. James R. Johnson an infectious disease specialist at the Minneapolis VA Health Care System in Minnesota, ""If other foods go on those boards before the boards get cleaned, or even after they're cleaned if the cleaning isn't 100 percent effective, the other foods, which may not get cooked, or not as thoroughly as poultry, likely would get contaminated and so could possibly pose an even higher risk of transmission to humans than the poultry products themselves."

Though the scenario of this article can be quite frightening, if you use common sense you should be safe. First, don't buy meat or poultry which has been fed antibiotics. True, it will cost you more money but not as much as a lengthy hospital visit. Secondly, have separate cutting boards for meat and poultry and after you have finished using them, scrub them with a coarse soap (like Ajax or Comet) and then wash them with bleach (scrubbing and washing with very hot water).