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Is Yellowstone earth movement connected to massive butte crumbling in Wyoming?

Could the crumbling East Gros Ventre Butte in Jackson, Wyoming be connected to the recent uptick of seismic activity at Yellowstone supervolcano? Jackson, Wyoming is less than 60 miles from Yellowstone. More signs of Earth's increasing instability?

Butte in Jackson WY slip slidin' away: Any connection to Yellowstone?
Butte in Jackson WY slip slidin' away: Any connection to Yellowstone?
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Slip slidin' away - home in Jackson, Wyoming (50 miles from Yellowstone)
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In April, dozens of Jackson residents were evacuated due to visible cracks appearing in the butte and threatening nearby structures, including a Walgreens. Ground movement in the area also caused water pipes to break at the town’s pump station next to Walgreens. A road and the Walgreen’s parking lot have distorted and buckled.

Anybody want to buy a Walgreen’s real cheap? According to a real estate agent, Walgreens property was under contract to be sold. The parcel was listed last year for $13 million with Walgreens lease included. Good luck with that price!

Earth movement in Jackson caused land under homes and a road to crack and slide. Geological activity on the butte has been tracked since December, when wire netting was installed on the eroding area, but in April, ground movement increased, beginning with a water line break and visible cracks in the hillside above Walgreens.

Geologists say the earth movement on East Gros Ventre Butte is deeper and more dangerous than previously believed. The fissures on the butte are "only one of a series of developments" that suggest subterranean movement. The ground had been moving at a rate of an inch a day, and the creeping landslide split one house in half.

A crack appeared in the wall of the Sidewinders parking deck and three of the supporting beams are leaning at a crooked angle. Additionally, the upper and lower parking areas of Sidewinders have begun to show stress and cracks. On Budge Drive, pavement has been pushed up so much in places that the edge of the road is raised above the curb. A huge crack that opened under a house shifted several feet downhill in less than a day, breaking off a room or two and leaving a door swinging above the precipice.

Councilman Jim Stanford toured one of the damaged houses, saying it is 'trashed' inside. The living room is sloped downhill, wooden floor planks in the kitchen are coming apart, and cabinets are coming off the wall.

Some evacuated residents were allowed to enter the evacuation area on foot to retrieve belongings, but were advised that they entered at their own risk. After a week of slow movement, the hillside above Walgreens began crumbling, creating a spectacle that drew hundreds of onlookers along West Broadway. (See VIDEO.)

Has anyone noticed that evacuations for a myriad of reasons (forest fires, floods, landslides, earthquakes, explosions, and the like) happen daily and are now part of the new normal for Planet Earth?

Regardless of where you live, it's probably best to prepare as best you can for ongoing catastrophes of this type. A lot more are on the way.

These are the times in which we live.

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