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Is Xbox the top selling gaming system because of performance or repeat customers


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Ok, let's just set the record straight before I get any upset comments.  First off I consider myself a hardcore gamer.  I still own an operating Atari 2600, various Nintendo systems and others that are no longer around. 

I do not own an Xbox because I did not like the thought of "The Red Ring of Death" happening and because the titles that I want to play on Xbox perform better on my PC.  Also the controller does not feel right since I have larger hands.  I do not have a personal hatred toward Xbox nor the owners of Xbox, the following is just an observation I had a few days ago.

While I was watching TV and surfing the internet on my laptop, various game commercials came on in the background.  The commercials got me thinking of friends of mine who recently ran into some bad luck with their Xbox and had to send it in.  This is the 5th go around with sending their Xbox in with "The Red Ring of Death".  The bad luck comes into play now because they do not have one but two Xboxes they picked up just in case this happens to them, however it just so happened that both Xboxes were down.  This got me thinking that if even half the amount of Xbox owners are like my friends and own multiple Xboxes, then what is this saying in regards to the sales of Xbox? 

Suddenly a question that has been in my mind for years was slightly answered.  Xbox sales reflect sales, not the number of owners.  Granted I am not taking away anything from Xbox or the owners of Xbox, this is just an observation that I had.  While the Xbox chip set has been replaced and Microsoft assures us that there will no longer be any Red Rings of Death, I am now looking to the future toward the next gen game systems, since I would rather put that Xbox money toward a game like Beatles: Rock Band.

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  • ma2ew 5 years ago

    im on my 3rd 360 and ive met a few people who are on their 7th so i think you may well have a point there

  • Ivan_PSP 5 years ago

    You not missing anything the Xbox 360 has no good games well just some multiplaform game that can be play on PS3 too. Microsoft's word mean nothing to consumers. You should buy a PS3 you won't need to worry about your system dying is very reliable and has ton of awesome hot exclusive. XBOX 360 IS NOT THE TOP GAMING SYSTEM and will never be.

  • The Le 5 years ago

    Very true. And to add to the equation, a portion of those "Sales" may actually be number of units shipped to Retail stores, not actual unit sales to players. (disclaimer: I just bought an Xbox 360 pro recently, because I love me some Gears of War 2)

  • Sneek 5 years ago

    Ok. You don't have one. But you have an opinion on it? Hmm. Warranty replacements don't count as sales, but if people are buying backups, that not only boosts the sales #'s as you point also gives cred to it being that good of an experience on the 360 and LIVE, versus the PS3 or Wii. LIVE is definately the reason all my friends that game (save 1 Sony lover that jsut has to have everything they make) and I play on the 360. I've played on the PS3 and it just feels totally different...from the controllers feeling really old and boxey, to the interface being so boring, it just feels kind of boring by comparison. I guess it's a good thing I didn't jump the shark on the whole Blu-ray thing, cause that's really all a PS3 would be especially good for in my eyes. BTW, the updated Netflix app on 360 is super fast and has the best quality available for real time streaming that I've seen to date.

  • Mattflemz 5 years ago

    I went nearly three years before my Pro console started red ringing last weekend. It was probably inevitable? I do own two 360s, the second being an Elite I bought when I was away from home. No regrets with my 360s. Great systems, many excellent games of all genres to chose from, and Xbox Live adds a whole new dimension to console gaming.

  • FailedLogic 5 years ago

    Here is where you logic fails, the XBox 360 sells a LOT more games than the PS3 or with Wii... Look at COD4 for example. A lot of folks bought PS3's to hack or as a cheap DVD/BR player. With Sony losing money on each box they plan to make up for the loss with games, the Linux hackers and DVD player folk are hurting Sony.

  • Tara, Boston Books Examiner 5 years ago

    I love my 360! I have every system but the PS3 (and every system that came before). I almost bought a PS3 instead, but the game selection on the 360 was much better and, honestly, despite never being an XBox girl previously (I LOVE my PS2 and GameCube), I don't know how I lived without my 360! The games are great, the system has fantastic extras, and honestly, although I fear turning it on and finding the Red Rings of Death, I have recommended it to everyone I know.

  • 4u3tee 5 years ago

    I have three 360's ! two for my wife and I. Then I bought one for backup! Knowing plenty of friends with problems and being off line for weeks wishing for their 360's back. I picked one up before it happen ! which it did happen :( it died!!! Love the xbox but I think you are dead on !!!!

  • Jeff 5 years ago

    I have 2 xbox360s and love the system. I picked up a second one for the HDMI that the original version that still works great did not have. I had recently purchased a new television. I think is says a lot about a system if people are willing to shell out money for a second unit just in case something happens. People don't want to go a day without the best gaming system on the market. I understand that completely.