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Is working for Michelle Obama a torture chamber or rose garden? – read to see!

Michelle Obama's aides said White House was a  frustrating, even miserable place to work
Michelle Obama's aides said White House was a frustrating, even miserable place to work
photo credit - Politicaal Cowardice

Working for any president’s administration can be both challenging as well as rewarding…unless! Well then there is the Michelle Obama First Lady who has according to Red Flag News taken working for her to a whole new level and it’s not good folks. Some of her aides have said that working with her has been both frustrating and a totally miserable place to work.

Not much of a surprise there from a First Lady who first began to respect the country that she was born in when her husband the suspected non-citizen snagged the presidential nomination. Once safely within the confines of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Michelle Obama decided that she and her family had actually gained the keys to the kingdom and she met it quite literally.

The aides to her highness were and are expected to not just carry out her royal wishes as one would expect to do in a job working for a CEO or boss. But according to Reid Cherlin, former White House assistant press secretary, she labeled the first lady hard to please and the East Wing the “worst wing,” reported Red Flag News.

There was a chilling effect in working in the palace like atmosphere that Michelle allegedly attempted to create. Heads would certainly be placed on the political firing guillotine if Michelle Obama had the “wrong pencil skirt on Monday.” For the first lady it would “is just as big of a f***-up as someone speaking on the record when they didn’t mean to or a policy initiative that completely failed,” said Cherlin, according to Red Flag News.

There is no question that Obama is a driven woman who is full of contradictions as is her husband the president. She likes to pontificate about telling kids the reasons they need to be losing weight, while being seen eating a delicious calorie laden hamburger with cheese. Her staff has to be riddled with those and other conflicts as she tells Americans to give a little more and do with less, while spending tens of millions of foreign trips with her kids and mother in tow.

So what would a bright-eyed and bushy tailed new staffer is supposed to expect in working for the First Lady of the United States? Bow and kneel before the queen of mean or off with your political head and future.

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