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Is Woody Allen's the Best Movie About Manhattan?

Movies about Manhattan from Woody Allen
Movies about Manhattan from Woody Allen

The question in the title is one that a lot of people have asked at one time or another in their life - especially if they've lived in Manhattan, worked there, or have spent any amount of time in the big city. We're going to answer this question once and for all by looking at other movies that take place in Manhattan as well as give you some specific points on why Woody Allen's masterpiece is still the best.
Movies in Manhattan

First, let's take a look at some of the other movies that take place in Manhattan.

12 Angry Men - Both the 1957 and 1997 versions of this classic movie were set in Manhattan. A lot of the movie takes place in the courtroom so you don't get to see a lot of the city, but we thought it was important to include.
The Muppets Take Manhattan - Sure, this movie stars puppets - or muppets - but they do a great job of showing the big city. In this one you actually get to see quite a bit of the city, which is nice.
Exiled: A Law & Order Movie - Not many people know about this movie, but it was filmed in Manhattan and does pretty good at showing what life in the city is like. If you're a Law & Order fan, you should check it out.

These aren't the only movies made that take place in Manhattan, but it's enough to give you an idea of the general competition for Woody Allen's masterpiece - Manhattan.
Why Woody Allen's Manhattan is Best

Here's a look at some specific reasons Woody Allen's Manhattan movie is the best representation of the city.

Honest - Accuracy is important. While Woody Allen added his own spin to the movie, of course, it still holds up when you shine the candle of truth on it. This isn't true of all the movies made about Manhattan.
Funny - Another reason a lot of people love Manhattan is that it's funny. Manhattan the city isn't always funny - and can sometimes be downright mean or sad - but Manhattan the movie manages to be funny in a way that isn't just silly or slapstick.
Crazy - Additionally, Allen manages to pull off showing the craziness of Manhattan and some of its citizens. This isn't always easy to do, but he managed to get everything just right. A lot of people lined up to see this on opening night and were not disappointed.

If you agree or disagree, leave a comment below. Before you do, just imagine someone sitting at a cafe or diner in the city and reading a book like Wearable Robots - something that sounds like it's from a Woody Allen movie. Even if you're not a fan of the man, you must admit that he put the city in a good light but also portrayed it accurately. What do you think?

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