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Is women's MMA getting ruined by athletes who play up sex appeal?

According to a March 18 report from, Tuff-N-Uff is partnering with Invicta FC on a four-woman strawweight tournament, with the winner set to be rewarded with a pro fight contract from the top all-female promotion in the world.

Four-women tournament

“Tuff-N-Uff has long supported women’s martial arts, and we’ve been fortunate enough to have some of the best ladies in the game compete in our cage,” Tuff-N-Uff Vice President Jeff Meyer said. “The chance to partner with the best all-women’s MMA organization in the sport for this unique opportunity was a natural fit for us, and I’m looking forward to seeing this tournament play out.”

The four women involved in the Tuff-N-Uff tournament are Texas standout Jianna Denizard (5-2), Las Vegas striker Jamie Moyle (3-2), Arkansas native Laura Uyeda (5-0) and California’s Molly Wren-Holmes (4-0).

With so much good stuff going on between Tuff-N-Uff and Invicta FC, fans of women's MMA should be talking about the upcoming tournament.

Amanda Bobby Cooper causes a stir

Unfortunately, all the talk this week in the sport has been about new Invicta FC signee Amanda Bobby Cooper, who appeared on the Invicta FC Facebook page in a photo that featured her in red panties and sexy stilettos.

Women's MMA has fought long and hard to get past being viewed as a sideshow spectacle for men to hoot and holler at, and pics like this might be setting the sport back a decade.

In the early-2000s, most fight fans saw women's MMA as "sexy women rolling around in bikinis," rather than a legitimate sport.

That image slowly changed because the level of skill and athleticism improved, so fight fans saw that the female fighters were actually talented athletes who could bring it just as hard as their male counterparts.

Time for change?

Now in 2014, it seems like more and more female athletes are entering the sport with sexy photo shoots and their fancy lady parts hanging out, rather than promoting their skill and athleticism.

It's time for female MMA athletes to stop showing off their skin and start flaunting their athleticism and talent inside the cage.

For actual success as an athlete, it has nothing to do with good looks, but everything to do with how well they work and use their talent.

Is women's MMA getting ruined by athletes who play up sex appeal? Let us know in the comments or tweet the author, @BadNewsEric.

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