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Is 'Wilder' by Gnesa the worst song ever?

A woman named Gnesa posted a video to YouTube which is challenging Rebecca Black for the title of worst song ever made.

Wilder by Gnesa is vying for the title of worst song ever made
gnesamusic @YouTube

The song, called "Wilder" was uploaded in early October and has more than 1.5 million hits.

But, it seems, the whole thing is a cosmic joke by an up and coming singer trying to prove a point.

The video has been drawing steady attention since it was uploaded, most recently tormenting subscribers to, which linked to the tune via a story published by the Australian site on Wednesday.

Parallels have been drawn to the Rebecca Black tune "Friday" which caused a sensation last year and has millions of hits. That song has plenty of fans, however, while this new tune is in a class of bad all its own.

The woman in the video, dressed in several different, tight-fitting outfits, sings the incomprehensible lyrics off-key and endlessly. As musical earwigs go, it's of the caliber which drove Ensign Chekov nearly insane in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

But a closer look at the channel shows another entry, called Never, sung very nicely. So which song is the joke?

It has to be Wilder. And, obviously, Gnesa is pointing out that it's easier to make a hit song out of something so bad it's good.

Point proven. Now where is that electric earwig drill?

What do you think? Is Wilder by Gnesa the worst song ever made?

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Update: Since this article was published, the song called "Never" was taken down. Another brilliant marketing strategy?