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Is what you see really what you get?

Who are you?

Are you single and hoping to at some point to meet someone special?

Have you met someone and after a short period of time (for some a little longer) you start to ask yourself, "Who in hell is this person?' If the answer is yes, believe me you are not alone.

There are many individuals who go into a situation with the hopes of it turning into a relationship. Some go in with the best foot they could find forward. For some reason they feel like once they become who they really are no one will notice. For instance some men tend to start off opening doors for a woman, taking her out to dinner often, saying they like to go for long walks and he likes to do what it takes to make his woman happy.

In reality he never opens the door for anyone but himself, he is cheap as hell and hates to spend money and he will make his woman happy if she does what he wants and makes him happy first.

For men in the initial meeting with his potential Ms. Right she is neat and well put together. According to her she loves to prepare gourmet meals, she likes to watch sports and she likes to go out occasionally with her friends for special occasions.

In reality she lives like a slob and she hardly ever cleans her house, she can't cook to save her life, she really hates sports and she only watches reality television shows. In addition, she goes out more often than not with her friends.

For both men and women it is important to pay attention to the individuals they meet and to make sure that what the person is saying what they are doing. People can only put up a front for so long and they will show you who they are.

Getting caught up in a persons looks is also problem for most. There are some cases where individuals will over look everything wrong if the person looks a certain way. Unfortunately a person's looks can't make you happy.

Individuals need to remember they should be looking for someone who only has one foot to put forward and they are who they say they are. In the end it's up to each person to decide if the person they are attempting to be with is actually the right person for them or do they want to settle for someone else?

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