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Are Walmart stores open or closed on Easter Sunday 2014?

For many folks, Easter Sunday is a holy day for church and family. But for others it is just another Sunday, and a chance to catch up on errands and including shopping. If you are a Walmart shopper, fear not, the store will be open on Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014. Check with your local store for hours. The closest Walmart stores to San Francisco are in Oakland and in Richmond. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you are a Walmart hater) there are no Walmart stores in San Francisco

Walmart, like most retailers, are open almost every day. Some are open 24 hours.

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So Walmart shoppers, you can still stock up on chocolate Easter eggs, jelly beans, peeps to your heart's delight even on Easter Sunday. Walmart stores will be open.

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Walmart and Easter

Walmart has long courted Easter shopping business. According to Campden FB, "Walmart, controlled by the descendants of Sam Walton, found that among the families planning to celebrate Easter, almost 60% would buy chocolate.

"Many of those cracking open chocolate Easter eggs today will be enjoying products made by family businesses, like Mars, the American confectionery giant controlled by the eponymous family, or Italian favorite Ferrero. Then there are the smaller family businesses, making less famous but often equally delicious options, such as Ireland’s Butlers Chocolates, which is selling small praline-filled eggs."

But once again, Walmart stores will be open on Easter Sunday. Check with your local store for operating hours.

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