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Is Twitter good for B2B?

twitter works for business
twitter works for business
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A blog post by Shel Israel at Global Neighborhoods shows that IBM, with over 7500 employees on Twitter as of 12/2009, and Sodexo turned Twitter into an executive recruiting tool, saving them over $350,000 in recruiting advertisements.

Other companies are mentioned to support the statement that Twitter, as part of a stategic online marketing plan, is very effective for businesses.  This really isn't that surprising considering that Twitter is about people and that businesses are made up of people and that customers are people, too.  Knowing that customers prefer to do business with people they know, it only makes sense to utilize Twitter as an ongoing marketing effort. It can also be used in specific marketing campaigns, too.

An excellent example of a small business making it big on Twitter was posted on the Pistachio Consulting blog in 2008. CoffeeGroundz coffee shop in Houston, Texas found a way to manage their online identity while creating community and doubling their clientele.

Similar businesses across the country are adding Twitter to their toolbox for online marketing.

If you're not sure how to implement Twitter in your marketing efforts, Search by Burke is an online marketing agency that uses Twitter regularly to communicate with clients, associates and potential clients. There are many other online marketing and social media firms that you can contact.

If you're not on Twitter now, you should be. Today is a good day to get started.


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