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It's pretty simple, TMZ is either correct about Floyd Mayweather, or they botched a story and owe some apologies. TMZ recently reported that Floyd Mayweather Jr basically sent in a hit squad to rough up two men that allegedly had stolen his jewelry. The TMZ article claims that Floyd hired these men to do some work at his mansion. When some of Floyd's jewelry came up missing, he accused the repair men of stealing it. TMZ sources claim that both men were severely injured, with broken legs, and other injuries.

If this story turns out to be true, Floyd is in some very serious trouble. These are very severe accusations being launched at Floyd. If TMZ has this right, it looks like Floyd would be in violation of his parole and he would probably be sent back to prison for a much longer stay than last time. If TMZ is wrong, then Floyd has a case against them for slander, and perhaps more.

Mayweather is scheduled to face Marcos Maidana on May 3rd. This recent report could certainly derail that plan. Things have been quiet since the initial TMZ report, but hat in itself is telling., notoriously known as a pro Mayweather website has published nothing refuting TMZ's report. No word from TMT has been put out either. It is very well possible in this case that silence speaks volumes.

Truth be told, I personally hope that there's nothing to this story. I'd hate to see Floyd sent to prison over something as stupid as some jewelry. What good is having hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank if you're in prison? One would hope that if Floyd truly did have expensive jewelry stolen, he would behave like an adult and file charges with the local law enforcement. Sending bodyguards, or hit men types after someone certainly isn't the right thing to do.

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