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Is time really speeding up?

Time speeding up
Time speeding up
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Did it seem like 2012 went by in a flash? After all, the Holidays are almost here! I have heard over and over again, from many people, that time is speeding up. I can feel you? There are many theories out there in the metaphysical world on why this is taking place. Some say that it's connected to the raising of the consciousness on the planet over the last few years. We are starting to think in a quantum state instead of in a linear fashion. In other words, the old rules of cause and effect are breaking down. In a quantum state, you don't have to have "X" happen before "Y" can take can just jump right to "Y"! In making that "leap" right to a conclusion or an experience, we have changed the way we are perceiving how time moves. That's wild stuff! Do some reading on the latest research in Quantum Physics if you're interested in the science behind these concepts.
Now...have there been any physical changes on the planet lately that could be affecting time? The only thing I could find, is that we have been recording big fluctuations in the Earth's magnetic field over the last 10 years. It has become much weaker in some areas and much stronger in others. I'm not really sure how this would affect the way we perceive time, but it's an interesting coincidence.
Have any of you noticed time speeding up in your personal lives? If so, post some of your theories on why this is taking place in the comments section below.