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Is Tim McGraw sick? Questions arise over Tim McGraw's health due to weight loss

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill at 2014 ACM Awards.
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Late Sunday, people began asking, "Is Tim McGraw sick?." Apparently the country star's weight loss seen at the 2014 ACM Awards alarmed people and they were immediately concerned that he had secret health problems. In an April 6 report, Perez Hilton remarked on how the singer's cowboy hat distracted from Faith Hill's chest-baring dress -- while others noticed how skinny McGraw was at the awards show.

So, is Tim McGraw sick? The answer is no.

Last year McGraw shared what made him stop drinking. He wanted to be a better example to his daughters and felt his drinking was getting in the way of many too things. His personal life was beginning to suffer to a point that he was ready to change something.

In a February interview last year, Tim McGraw said he trains with a martial arts expert three times a week and engages in weight training. In addition to that, he's cut sugar from his eating habits.

This is what the country megastar said about his physical and mental well-being since he quit drinking:

“My workout program took the place of alcohol, and it’s really important. … I was always in pretty good shape but for a while I let it go a little bit. There are aches and pains but I feel pretty young.”

Fans can rest assured that Tim McGraw isn't sick and has no health problems.

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