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Is this what we want?

Our legacy burning
Our legacy burning

The direction of our American legacy is headed for implosion. The crystal ball which should be crystal clear to many is anything but so many will be surprised when America goes apocalyptic.

This just in from the oracle; American small business employs a vast majority of all Americans. Our entire economy is an epically illegal Ponzi Scheme and money circulating today is only servicing yesterdays debt. The tax burden with the choking regulations and not to mention the target by government agencies is all designed to kill off small business and give the monopoly market share to mega corporations on Wall Street. They want all of small businesses employees working for them at reduced wages and controlled by them. Small businesses under this tyranny of taxation and regulation will reach a point of diminishing returns and quit. When the parasite kills the host we go into Mad Max mode.

EBT cards don’t get recharged, all entitlements checks bounce followed by angry and hungry mobs roaming the streets in search of anything they can take. The cities will become urban war zones for all those that don’t flee. Most gun owners are in the group of haves and even more important most haves own plenty of ammo. The slaughter of have not’s will be epic as never seen in history before. The holocaust will be insignificant in scale to the great moronicide of American history. The Morons that are a product of our schooling, indoctrination by media and a system that produce citizen that are conditioned to take the easy way out via entitlements.

Once the remaining mob has picked the carcass of the city clean of all food and perceived valuables they will fan out to the rural areas in search of food and new currency like gas and ammo. There they will encounter the Preppers’ and good ole country folk who have had a life long conditioning of taking care of themselves. The well armed well fed backbone of America will finalize the extermination of more than a hundred million who made bad life choices or fell victim to the corruption of power and greed which controls our government and elite corporations.

While this is unfolding the Federal Government will attempt to control the mayhem by rounding up as many of who they perceive to be the combatants as possible. In many cases these will be the good guys defending their homes and businesses with deadly force. But their attempts to crush the righteous will fall short and cease to exist after the militia of patriots rally to the aid of their fellow patriots.

When the dust settles and the blood stops flowing, the remaining Americans’ will begin the rebuilding process based on the framework divinely given to us by our founders. We may not reach the world status we once held when we led the world in all categories like education, manufacturing, standard of living and morality. But at least we will no longer be stuck in a Ponzi scheme driven by epic debt. Or be the most obese population on earth alone because we are also the stupidest people on earth who fell for programs like Common Core.

But here is the catch. Do we want to experience this Hollywood horror flick ourselves? Or worse, do we want our youth to witness and be permanently scared mentally by the actions of we supposed adults who should know better? Our inaction has led us to this point of nightmare. Is this what we want? Or would we rather get up and unite in order to universally see the error of our ways and work together to overcome our differences in status to work together for the future of our American legacy and the legacy of the youth to follow us? The choice is each of ours to make.

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