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Is This The Year Hip Hop Grows Up?

Hip Hop
Hip Hop

It's a new year and for those have grown up on Hip Hop it's been a love/hate relationship with the culture that helped raise them. On one hand to see the growth and international expansion of the art, music and influence of Hip Hop has to be an incredible sight. From the days of local Bronx block parties to the halls of college classes to dance competitions in Japan, Hip Hop seems to have no limits. Yet back on the home front the mainstream structure of the Hip Hop machine puts out an image that leaves so much to be desired. Negativity sells and it's doing so on an ever growing scale. Is this all we can expect or in this new year can hip hop present more to the people?

With songs like "My n***as" and "Boss B**ch" being a norm in the Hip Hop rotation you can't help but feel a certain kind of way attempting to listen to this music. But this is a topic that was been beaten to death at this point. The business of Hip Hop is what it is and it won't stand a chance of changing unless some of the folk involved grow up to a point of caring about what messages they put out vs what will generate a quick dollar. DJ's have to return to form of playing actual sets of music vs copying radio formats at parties. The return of true party music is something pivotal to the representation of Hip Hop. That means real dance music. Not stripper grind and clap music. Not turn up and jump on couches music. This is a call for the return of man and woman dance music. While the tunes my be out dated, the concept of a the classic House Party movies is the perfect depiction of what the party vibe is about.

Truthfully today's Hip Hop needs a face to move the needle in a different direction. Someone must emerge to bring focus and attention to another successful model of making music. It's a monkey see monkey do business today. It's hard to imagine someone successfully in the mainstream going against the grain for the sake of culture alone. The idea of NY Hip Hop on the airwaves is a current talking point but will it restore balance? I doubt it and even then will we get an improvement in the content presented? Hip Hop is a funny place and I can only hope that something will push it to a point where survival is dependent upon growth.

Jason Francis | The Social Media Samurai