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Is This Not Enough Evidence

Jeremie Webb

Today’s Torah Devotional from Exodus 33:17 – 23
The Second Book of the Torah, “Shemot,” “Names.”
This weeks reading is “Ki Tisa,” “When you take.”

Today’s reading brings us to a very personal moment with Moses/Moshe and GOD.

Moshe has persuaded GOD to not take HIS presence from the people, to continue with them to show they are HIS people.

GOD has chosen to honor this request of Moshe.

Moshe then asks GOD for a “vision of HIS Glory,” meaning, “let me know YOUR very nature.”

GOD replies, HE will make all HIS good pass before Moshe and reveal the DIVINE NAME in his presence. HE will let Moshe know who HE IS, but no man can exist in HIS Presence.

GOD then tells Moshe HE has a special place where he can stand so when HIS Glory passes by HE can place HIS Hand over Moshe, protecting him with HIS power until HE passes by, then will HE remove HIS protective power allowing Moshe to see what follows from HIS Existence, the very Essence of GOD, however, HIS Face will not be seen.

These are some of the most amazing scriptures ever written. An actual account of Moshe “meeting” GOD.

What other people can boast of such an encounter?

Who else on this Earth has encountered The Divine GOD in person?

Is it not enough that ALL of Israel heard from GOD in person, at once, from HIS holy mountain, trembling in fear for their very lives?

Is it not enough their very brothers murdered each other for having made an idol to worship breaking the first two commandments just freshly given to them?

Now we have Moshe, GOD’s appointed deliverer of HIS people from Egypt to the Promised Land, knowing GOD in HIS actual nature, HIS true presence, the Essence of GOD.

What more could we ask to prove that HE is the GOD of Israel, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?

What more do we need to follow in HIS commandments, HIS covenant, HIS Torah?

Has HE not proven HIMSELF over and over, countless times in miracles, signs and wonders?

Why is it so difficult for people to see the Truth of GOD, Elohim, YHVH, discounting HIS commandments, HIS Torah, HIS Word, throwing them out, calling them “outdated,” “irrelevant to our time,” “un-necessary?”

Much like HIS very people, staring into HIS very presence on the mountain, speaking to them directly, trembling for fear of their lives, they jumped on the first opportunity to turn back to their old, comfortable, Egyptian ways.

These people, just like believers today, took the first opportunity to appease themselves, to assuage their own appetites, their own beliefs, their own familiarity & comfort, when the Fear of GOD was still lukewarm on the very sand they stood.

Who are we today?

Have we become so completely dependent on someone else telling us what GOD wants from our lives, that we no longer read it for ourselves?

We call ourselves believers, yet to those who do not know us, we look, act, speak and live just like the rest of the world.

Were we not called out by GOD to be a Holy (set apart) People?

How can we be a light to the World if we look just like the World?

How can we be a witness to the Mercy, Grace & Goodness of a Redemptive GOD when we live just like everyone else?

Who would want to follow that god, he obviously has no power, you obviously have no fear of him, no obedience, no tenacity to follow his commandments, no desire to change or become renewed or different?

Where is your testimony? Where is your conviction?

How do you expect to see the Face of GOD without them?

What are your thoughts on these scriptures?

Leave your comments below, OR, if you have questions, click over to our "Ask the Rabbi" Forum HERE.

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