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Is this is the new RINO candidate for president in 2016?

Imagine a candidate is politically moderate, gets along well with the far left, calls himself a conservative Republican but is against the Tea Party movement and the likes of Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. The RINOs had such a candidate, his name was Chris Christie, and he was the great RINO hope for 2016 until the so-called Bridge-gate scandal. So the RINOs and the GOP leadership have been looking for another candidate. Could they have found their candidate, perhaps, in MSNBC's “Morning Joe” host, Joe Scarborough?

Some RINOs want Joe Scarborough to run for president in 2016

Writing for The Daily Caller, Alex Pappeas wrote yesterday, “Sources close to MSNBC host Joe Scarborough think he is seriously considering the prospect of leaving morning television to run for president in 2016.”

Pappas really believes the talk is serious, and that those seeking a moderate candidate in “the Jon Huntsman lane in 2016” may be seriously looking for support Scarborough for president.

Pappas quotes former George W. Bush media consultant Mark McKinnon as agreeing with the notion that Scarborough could be a serious candidate, “On paper, he’s a great candidate,” McKinnon told The Daily Caller. “He has the kind of confidence, ideas and media savvy required to make it on the big stage. And he’d be a lot of fun to watch because he wouldn’t be afraid to mix it up with anybody on any topic. I think it would be highly entertaining and good for the party.”

Now that the GOP wants to be more like the Democrats, and become Democrat Lite, and appeal to the various constituencies that vote Democrats, it would appear that an MSNBC host like Scarborough should poll well among Hispanic and other minority voters, and perhaps he might even out-poll the Democrats (especially if they fear being sentenced to eights in the testicle lock-box of President Hillary Clinton) among the homosexual male and metrosexual constituencies. After all, they might just think Scarborough is one of them. Remember when Joe appeared on The View, that leftist schlock talk show, and said this, while wearing pink pants, “I was walking in here, I'm on Upper West Side, and I”m thinking, This is a very, you know, you're very enlightened, you're very progressive. I go past, and I'm kissing everybody, because that's what you do, the sisterhood.”

That should lock up the LGBTQ vote easily for Scarborough. How could you find a more qualified candidate to run Democrat Lite with RINO support as a Republican for president? What could be more gay than that?

The first comment below the Alex Pappas article on The Daily Caller is from someone named Kevin, who writes, “Joe Scarborough is everything that a Democrat thinks a Republican should be.”

It can't be written any better than that, by me or anyone else, to tall the truth about Joe Scarborough.

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