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Is this happening to any of you? Musing on tuning out.

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Although I have worked as a full-time professional psychic counselor for 35 years, I have no trouble turning it on and off like a faucet: at will. It is still true it is like a door I have to voluntarily walk through, to be in the state to do healing and counseling work. But what has changed recently, is a developing intolerance to witness any kind of awful thing going on around me. I am shielding myself and retreating from suffering, and I think the recent headline that helped me tune out even more was, “Elephant Cries after 50 Years of Abuse.” The story probably has a happy ending, but whatever rash events around the world give me, that headline turned into a serious illness. I appear to have whatever invulnerability I had to hearing and seeing and watching cruelty enacted in life or on screen. The only control I have is to not pay attention. If I care about issues I could donate money.

This illustrates another way the theory works, that individual change happens and out of that comes collective change. Personal change happens when a person stops investing their attention in one reality and shifts to another. Collective change could happen not only through, for instance, individual efforts and their banding to form grassroots movements and change conditions, but because masses of individuals withdraw from the collective and in some way build their own alternative reality. Like Silicon Valley...

Elissa Heyman is a professional psychic counselor and healer with a practice based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her website's free offerings include essays, guided meditations, and a monthly newsletter with predictions and horoscopes. Elissa also offers 2 hour, day-long, and 3 day workshops. Appointment information at, 505-982-3294 for in person and telephone private sessions.