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Is this big fashion trend going to influence home décor in the near future?

What is trending seems to be one of the leading topics when the discussion of Interior Design comes up, especially online.

This gorgeous carved chest boasts of old world elegance with its graceful lace-like detailing. Thomasville, Drexal Heritage in Murray Utah.
Taken by April Elizabeth, Salt Lake Interior Design Examiner
Lace has been making a huge comeback in fashion and there is evidence that it is coming back in home decor.
Taken by April Elizabeth, Salt Lake Interior Design Examiner

While there is much more to the practice of Interior Design, and we designers believe that making the home a personal reflection of our client must be our number one goal….trends do keep a constant movement in the market and are a big reflection of the diversity of tastes and preferences of the moment.

There are many catalysts that influence the styles that become available in our home décor products, and the most prominent of those is current fashion. Fashion is a big driver on so many levels yet despite its strong influence it can take up to a year, or more, for a theme in fashion to actually translate into the world of home goods.

Not everything couture you see walking down the runway can or should be directly translated to the home…such as all the nude tones we are seeing…but often the essence of color, pattern and texture will be.

A popular design blog called Fashion+Decor highlights this concept by collecting similar fashion designs and pairing them with interiors or furniture pieces that carry a common vibe. We’ve so enjoyed seeing the similarities between the two, that we have dedicated a pinterest board to showcase our favorite examples.

If the fashions trends of now, really influence future home décor in the near future what do you think will be the predominate themes?

We saw ombre takes its time in the spotlight on the runway, then transitioning into hair, fingernails and beauty items. Now a year or so later you can find bedding, pillows, drapery and all kinds of décor that carries the essence of this style.

Of course there is the chevron trend, which is still going strong….

We discussed recently with a sales rep, he panicked a bit. His concern was how are all these neon colors we are seeing in fashion going to translate into the home? We told him about what we are seeing as well as what is suspected for the future of this theme, but it still remains to be seen how or if this trend will continue.

The number one fashion trend this designer has noted dominating the runways for a few years now is lace and lace-like-embroidery and lacy floral ornamentation often on a sheer backing. Is in meandering moving flowing forms that remind us of everything from doilies to complex jacquard's and brocade.

Yes! This is not a joke. Lace is big and it is not just in couture but it’s now in accents and apparel in many of the clothing stores you may frequent.

While its romantic appeal is certainly not for everyone, we suspected it was already influencing the world of Interior design so we checked out a few local stores to see. Here is a collection of a few of what we in our slideshow and we also put a few selections on our pinterest board.

Because lace is trendy right now even if you decide to integrate this look into your home we recommend doing it through simple accessories, or dishes that can be changed out easily.

Of course and unless this is the moment you have been waiting for since you first read Pride and Prejudice and discovered you were born in the wrong century and you love, love love it! I wouldn’t get too carried away since it won’t be long before another trend comes along to sweep you off your feet.

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